Make hay while the sun shines


'Faith makes things happen, hope makes things work, love makes things beautiful, and may you have all three for the year.'

We welcome you all to our very first blog of this year.

We are very excited and happy to share this news with all of you that the Stargaze Competition is started now, and it is going good. Auditions round has already been started since 1st January 2020. The response is going amazingly good; participants from different regions with different nationalities are actively participating in the competition.


The best part about the competition is that it is free of cost; anybody from any part of the world can participate in it. If you want to showcase your singing talent to the world, you can join in the competition anytime-anywhere and from the comfort of your home.


If you want to be part of this competition click on following link:


Don’t forget to watch Promos (and subscribe to our channel) of the contest on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GeekersTechnologies

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In the last two months, our team has conducted workshops at the APJ Institute of Management. Within these workshops, we informed students about the latest development in computer programming languages.

We also provided the students with an opportunity to join us for full time and part-time jobs [email protected]


As always, and at last, we are looking for talented or experienced persons to work with us and raise the organization to the next level. Interested candidates can drop their resume at [email protected]. Our team will get back to you. Want to be a part of it, come and join us at:

Geekers Technologies

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